Derren Brown has once again disturbed Channel 4 viewers after concerning scenes in his latest programme saw an audience member eat glass.

His latest offering, Miracle – which saw the hypnotist, mindreader and real-life Jedi master try out a series of new tricks on an audience of theatre goers – involved Brown bringing a women out on stage before he convinced her to swallow glass.

Brown smiled away as he revealed to Sarah that this was “no trick” but a simple mind over matter exercise that anyone can do – if Brown is there to talk them through it.

After placing the glass in her mouth, Derren asked Sarah not to swallow before telling her to ‘wash it down with some apple’, leaving viewers stunned.

One viewer was so concerned, they considered the Government might need to keep the magic man on their watch list.

They posted: “Derren Brown just made a girl eat glass yet nobody is scared of him as a national threat.”